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Grab Bars La Jolla, CA

Grab Bars La Jolla – Installation Call 760-500-1400 Grab Bars La Jolla, CA. Installation in Bath Tubs significantly reduces fall and injuries. Unfortunately many people still think that grab bars are unnecessary, as their bathroom is fitted with strategically placed towel bars, which, for some, may be used as substitutes. The reality is that towel bars, or shower/tub features, aren’t built to support the weight of a person, but the weight of towels, and are therefore unfit for the job. Grab bars are designed specifically to benefit people with balance or mobility issues, and are the safest tool a person could install in a bathroom environment to prevent falls. Visit our Falls Safety Facts. Although safety is our main concern, we also realize the importance of wanting to keep your house feeling like a welcoming home, and that’s why we provide a wide selection of ADA approved grab bars to choose from, to match your decor.  Below are photos of shower and toilet grabs that were installed by Family Safe Homes in La Jolla, CA . Our client chose ADA approved stainless steel grab bars for their durability and aesthetic appeal. Up to 80% of falls registered in the home, take place in the bathroom, DO NOT underestimate the potential risks of slipping on a wet surface, or falling while getting in and out of a tub or shower. Contact Family Safe Homes of La Jolla for expert grab bar installation. Learn more about our custom installations and our wide selection of safe, yet aesthetically appealing, grab bars. Fall proof your home, Call 760-500-1400

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

    It’s Not Flu: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Looks a Lot Like Other Illnesses  Headache, upset stomach, tired, dizzy –sounds like the flu, doesn’t it? But it could be carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning occurs when too much of this gas builds up in your body due to unsafe levels of CO in the air you breathe. Almost anything that burns fuel releases CO, including your furnace, water heater, gas stove, fireplace, charcoal grill, space heater, generator, and car. Carbon monoxide poisoning is more likely to happen during winter months and during storms or natural disasters because fuel-burning devices are commonly used then. Most of the time, CO is safely vented out of your home, but misusing or not maintaining these sources can lead to unsafe levels of CO gas in the air.

ADA approved grab bars

ADA approved grab bars  It’s a fact that although everyone could experience a fall, seniors are prone to falling much more than younger adults are. Luckily, most falls do not result in any injury, with the exception of minor bruises or scraped knees, but falls that occur in the bathroom, bring with them much more serious consequences.