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Our Mission

Family Safe Homes is committed to providing families with peace of mind by creating an environment for all family members to be safe at home.


About six months after the birth of our first child in 1997, I set out to childproof my home and did what every parent does – head for the local retail store to purchase child safety devices. To my surprise, the knowledge of the employees was lacking, the selection of products poor, and quality of the merchandise mediocre. Returning home disappointed, I searched the Internet and browsed through catalogs. I ordered what I needed, and ten day later the items arrived. Though most of the products were good quality, many did not fit correctly or required some extensive know-how to install. In addition, I spent a small fortune on shipping costs. I wondered, “Who has time for all this? There had to be an easier way”.

A few weeks later, my home was “baby safe”. My concern grew for other families who may not have the time to find the best products nor the technical knowledge to properly install them. I had the desire to help families so their babies and toddlers could explore, learn and grow safely.

Who we are today

Taking what we learned from baby proofing 1,000s of homes, we have expanded from baby safety to providing safe, secure environments for all family members. We continue to be a family-owned and -operated business. As owners of Baby Safe Homes, we are members of the International Association for Child Safety other Accredited Business Organizations and we are licensed, bonded and insured. We work closely with hospitals, pediatric, geriatric, family practice physicians and other professionals to exchange ideas and discuss the most recent safety issues. Ensuring the highest level of satisfaction through our quality workmanship, top-rated products and excellent customer service remains our highest priority.

After nearly a decade of researching products, refining our installation methods, developing a unique marketing program and streamlining the way we offer our service, we founded Family Safe Homes. Now we assist and train hard working, entrepreneurial-spirited individuals to build a successful business to further carryout our mission…

Family Safe Homes is a leader in providing families with an environment to age in place, explore, learn and grow safely.

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