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  • Together we perform a complete walk-through of your home and provide a detailed, itemized estimate.
  • You decide how much or how little work you would like to have done. Installation of safety products is tailored to your needs.
  • We perform most work in your home the SAME DAY!*
As a parent, husband, wife, daughter, or son, your number one concern is the safety of your family. Identifying hidden hazards in your home and purchasing the correct safety equipment can be a time consuming and frustrating task!

Instead of spending hours researching products and finding answers to important safety questions, Family Safe Homes can ease your mind with one simple visit. Whether it’s fire safety, making sure your pool is secure, or wondering if your furniture is secure enough, Family Safe Homes has solutions and offers only the highest quality of safety products at competitive prices. Our selection of items are more durable, easier to use, and safer than what you will find at most of the big box retailers or online. Family Safe Homes will minimize the dangers in your home, prevent costly damage from poorly installed equipment, and ease your frustration so you’ll know the job is done correctly.

We tailor each job to every customer’s individual and specific needs. Your safety consultant will present you with an itemized list of products and labor for your specific needs. Our products are superior to what you will find in retail stores and are competitively priced. After the cost of the products, you are charged for labor for the actual work you would like to have done. Unlike some service companies that charge their customers by the hour, Family Safe Homes will provide you with the installation cost BEFORE work begins so you know EXACTLY how much you are going to pay. Most installs range between $99 and $250 plus the cost of the materials. We will beat any licensed competitor’s written estimate for the same products and labor.

Family Safe Homes is committed to providing families with peace of mind by honoring all manufacturer warranties and standing behind our professional installation. We can’t guarantee your family’s safety, but we can guarantee our workmanship.


Family Safe Homes can be in and out of an average home in two to five hours. We are very organized, experienced, and efficient, and perform much of the pre-work on our own time. We try to eliminate inconveniencing you as much as possible.

If the items you purchased meet our safety and quality standards, and are designed to work properly in your home, we will be happy to install what you have already purchased. Be advise that there are a lot of inferior and poorly made safety products that break easy, are difficult to use and even more difficult to install. For example, baby safety gates and cabinet latches are very specific for where they need to be installed, so not all gates and latches will work properly in every situation. It’s important to have the correct products so that they will function properly for your home. Before any product is installed into your home, Family Safe Homes has tried and tested each one to meet our rigid safety standards. If it’s not safe enough for our family, it’s not safe enough for yours!
One of the main reasons we started Family Safe Homes was due to the frustration we encountered while attempting to make our own home safe. When we set out to child proof our home, we did what every parent does — head for the local retail store to purchase child safety devices. To our surprise, the knowledge of the employees was lacking, the selection of products poor, and quality of the merchandise was mediocre. Returning home disappointed, we searched the internet and browsed through catalogs. We ordered what we needed, and ten days later the items arrived. Though many of the products were good quality, most did not fit correctly or required some extensive know-how to install. In addition, we spent a small fortune on shipping costs. Once we found some that actually worked, it still took all weekend to perform the installation. We thought, “who has time for all this? There has to be an easier way.” Now that our children and parents are getting older we realize that home safety goes far beyond child proofing, and as safety product standards change we have made it our mission to help other families maintain the safest home environment possible for their loved ones.

Family Safe Homes will save you the hassle of searching and shopping for the correct items and the inconvenience of returning the wrong ones. We are experienced professional installers with all the right tools and equipment, and can complete a typical home in two to five hours, leaving you more time to doing the things you enjoy.

  • I am not sure what hidden hazards might be in my home.
  • Could not find quality safety products in stores.
  • Purchased several safety products and none worked correctly.
  • I was referred by my pediatrician or doctor.
  • Don’t have the time to do it myself.
  • I’m just not that handy with tools.
  • I don’t want to damage my walls and banister installing safety items.
  • A friend referred me and they were pleased with the service they received.

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